31 July 2006

Clippings 2.0 for Firefox 2.0b1

After getting a few requests from users to make Clippings work with the recent Firefox 2.0 beta 1 release, I have uploaded an experimental build of Clippings 2.0 with the maxVersion value in the install manifest incremented.

The XPI is available from here: http://downloads.mozdev.org/clippings/experimental/fx2-b1/

A few issues have been identified with Firefox 2.0b1 compatibility; please see the readme file. I have also opened bug 24715.

A minor release of Clippings to coincide with Firefox 2 is in the works. In the meantime, it is recommended that only testers, early adopters and advanced users (the same type of users who would be using a Firefox beta release) should download and install this experimental build of Clippings into Firefox 2.0b1.

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