31 March 2008

Clippings shortcut key prefix on Mac OS X

I've been getting reports from a few Mac OS X users of problems with the shortcut key feature introduced in Clippings 3.0.

Instead of CTRL+ALT+V as is advertised, Mac OS X users have to press Ctrl+Option+V and simultaneously hit the shortcut letter or digit assigned to the desired clipping. That means that a user would have to press four keys on the keyboard at the same time!

And at least one Mac OS X user has reported that CTRL+ALT+V or Ctrl+Option+V doesn't work at all.

The requirement of having to press so many keys at once is strange, and is inconsistent with the behaviour on Windows and Linux where users would press CTRL+ALT+V that would bring up a dialog box prompting the user to enter the shortcut key of the desired clipping to paste:

I've entered this Mac-specific issue as bug 18879. Any helpful reports of further observations on this issue are most welcome, and should be reported in that bug.

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