27 May 2008

Panic Button to-do list

Here is a list of items to be completed before I release version 1.0 of Panic Button:
  • Add a few more Panic Button icon choices.
  • Further tweaking of the available Panic Button icons, including creation of another set of similar toolbar button images that appear when hovering over them with a mouse.
  • [Restore Session toolbar] Get rid of the useless disabled close button on the title bar.
  • [Restore Session toolbar] Automatic repositioning of the floating toolbar if switching to text and icon view, and the toolbar is at the far right of the screen. Currently, part of the floating toolbar disappears into the right edge of the screen if the toolbar layout is changed.
  • Localization.

Currently, Panic Button is in the sandbox on Mozilla Add-ons. Once version 1.0 is released, I will nominate it to have it changed to a publicly-accessible extension. This would mean that a Mozilla Add-ons user will not have to log in to download and install it, as is the case today.

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