02 October 2008

Using Yahoo! Mail in Send Tab URLs 2.0 beta

In the previous post, I alluded to experimental support for Yahoo! Mail in Send Tab URLs 2.0 beta. For those of you who are familiar with the Email This! Firefox extension, the instructions for enabling support for Yahoo! Mail are very similar.

Please note that Send Tab URLs will work with Yahoo! Mail classic, not the "all-new" Yahoo! Mail.

To Enable Support for Yahoo! Mail (Classic)
  1. Start Firefox. Then in about:config, set the pref sendtabs.mailclient.yahoomail.enabled to true.
  2. Open a new browser window or tab and login to your Yahoo! Mail account.
  3. Once you are viewing your Yahoo! Mail inbox, observe the URL in the Firefox address bar. Select and copy the URL up to, and including, the last slash character (/) in the URL, and omitting the "http://" prefix.
  4. Return to about:config and edit the pref sendtabs.mailclient.yahoomail.mail_url, changing its value to what you selected and copied in step 3.
After following these steps, you should now be able to send the browser tab URLs to Yahoo! Mail.

Things You Should Know About
  • As stated above, this will only work with Yahoo! Mail classic, not the "all-new" Yahoo! Mail.
  • The URL list generated by Send Tab URLs won't display properly when the Yahoo! Mail editor is in rich text mode. However, you can switch from plain text to rich text in Yahoo! Mail's editor to compose and send the URL list as an HTML email. (Remember to switch back to plain text mode afterwards.)
These two points are the reasons why support for Yahoo! Mail is considered experimental.


Web mail support in Send Tab URLs is adapted from Email This!, a Firefox extension by Lazyrussian Productions.

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