07 October 2012

Coming soon: a minor release of Clippings

Finally, some good news.  A new minor release of Clippings is in the works, which fixes the disappearing Clippings menu from the context menu in Firefox (when the cursor is in a web page text box) or Thunderbird (when composing a new message).

This issue was caused by a change introduced in Firefox and Thunderbird 14 which broke Clippings.  As a result, Clippings is currently incompatible with Firefox and Thunderbird versions 14 and 15, and the bug fix requires a new release.

In addition, the new release fixes a long-standing bug on Mac OS X where the shortcut key prefix, Control+Alt+V, stopped working several versions ago of Firefox and Thunderbird.  Mac users have had to work around it by installing KeyConfig, and then specifying their own replacement shortcut key prefix.  With the new release of Clippings, the shortcut key prefix on the Mac will be changed to Command+Option+V, and KeyConfig will no longer be necessary to be able to paste a clipping using shortcut keys.

The new release has been submitted for review by Mozilla Add-ons reviewers. An announcement will be made here once it is made available for download.  In the meantime, users should confirm that automatic add-on updates are enabled so that they get the new release when it is available.

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