18 October 2012

Panic Button 1.5.1 released!

A new, albeit minor, release of Panic Button is now out, and is available from the AE Creations website as well as Mozilla Add-ons.

If you already have Panic Button installed, it will be upgraded for you if automatic extension updates are enabled. Otherwise, open Extension Manager (Tools → Add-ons), then right-click on the entry for Panic Button  in the list of installed extensions and choose Find Updates.

What's New
  • After installing Panic Button, the Panic Button toolbar button will be automatically added to the browser toolbar, if it is not there already
  • Bug fix: Missing title bar grippy for the Restore Session toolbar on Linux
  • Styling improvements to the Restore Session toolbar icons, mainly for Mac users; the toolbar icons now provide visual feedback when they are being clicked on
Help and Support

Questions and comments about Panic Button should be directed to the AE Creations forums, now hosted on Google Groups.

One More Thing...

Panic Button is now a Featured Extension on the Mozilla Add-ons website!

Panic Button page on Mozilla Add-ons.

Clippings was previously a Featured Extension on Mozilla Add-ons.  Now, another one of my extensions has been selected for this coveted honor!  A big thanks to all my users for their support, comments, suggestions and bug reports, as well as the translators at Babelzilla for localizing Panic Button into several languages.  You guys ROCK!!!

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