09 June 2014

Delicious Post 1.5.1 released!

A minor release of Delicious Post is now available from Mozilla Add-ons and the AE Creations website.

This release addresses the recently-reported "Error adding link" error when attempting to save a web page to your Delicious bookmarks.  More details below; interested readers should also have a look at the blog posting describing this issue for some context.

If you already have an older version of Delicious Post installed, it will be upgraded for you if automatic extension updates are enabled. Otherwise, open Extension Manager (Tools → Add-ons), then right-click on the entry for Delicious Post in the list of installed extensions and choose Find Update.

What's New
  • Bug fix: "Error adding link" when attempting to post a page (issue #2)
  • Bug fix: Can't overwrite a bookmark anymore (if the "Keep existing bookmark" option is unchecked in the extension preferences dialog)

Things You Should Know About

The "Error adding link" error was caused by the presence of special characters (for example, the pipe symbol ("|"), em dash ("—"), bullet ("•"), etc.) in the title or description of the bookmark that was being saved.  This error was coming from Delicious.com, which was rejecting the new bookmark because of the special characters.

While this minor release should fix the majority of cases, Delicious.com can't decode some of the special characters encoded by the Delicious Post add-on.  For example, the em dash ("—"), bullet ("•") and chevron ("»") characters would have appeared as garbage characters when viewing your bookmark containing such characters on Delicious.com.  For those known cases where this would occur, an appropriate substitute is made: for example, Delicious Post replaces the em dash with double hyphens ("--"), the bullet with a single hyphen ("-"), and the chevron with double angle brackets (">>").

Help and Support

Send you questions and comments to the AE Creations Forums, hosted on Google Groups.

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