27 July 2016

Clippings 5.1 released!

A new release of Clippings is now available from Mozilla Add-ons and the AE Creations website.

If you already have Clippings installed, it will be upgraded for you if automatic extension updates are enabled. Otherwise, open Extension Manager (Tools → Add-ons), then right-click on the entry for Clippings in the list of installed extensions and choose Find Updates.

What's New
  • Compatible with multi-process browser tabs in Firefox (sometimes referred to as Electrolysis or e10s)
  • Other minor fixes 

Things You Should Know About
  •  Clippings 5.1 requires Firefox 45 or newer, and Thunderbird 45 or newer.  If you have an older version of either application, you must upgrade it first, or stick with Clippings 5.0.2.
  • Due to technical limitations imposed by Electrolysis, the option to avoid blocking the browser tabs in Firefox when being prompted to enter a value for a placeholder is unavailable, and is automatically turned off, if multi-process browser tabs is turned on.

Supported Languages

Clippings 5.1 is available in English (United States), French, Finnish, German, Italian and Slovenian.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of availability of translators, many of the languages that Clippings was previously available in are unavailable for version 5.  If you are fluent in English and another world language and would like to help update the translations for Clippings, consider joining Babelzilla and signing up for your language team.

Help and Support

Questions and comments about Clippings should be directed to the AE Creations Help and Support forums, hosted on Google Groups.


Andreas Martin said...


since the version 5.1 i have problems with some text fields
When i click to insert a text. The text is not pasted into the text box.
For Example at gmail.

Downgrade to version 5.0.2 and it will work again.

Firefox: 47.0.1

AE Creations said...

Hi Andreas - see the blog post at https://aecreations.blogspot.ca/2016/07/issues-with-clippings-51-in-gmails.html for instructions on a workaround. A fix for this problem is coming soon.