13 November 2017

Clippings 6.0 beta 2 released!

This is the second beta release of the WebExtension version of Clippings. It is being made available for testing, and although it is in a fairly stable beta-quality state, expect to encounter the inevitable bugs.  If that scares you, then stick to the latest stable release.

Because this is a beta release, no automatic upgrades to this release will be available to current Clippings users.

Clippings 6 beta 2 has most of the features from the legacy versions of Clippings, although there are a few which are not available; most notably:
  • Adding or editing color labels on clippings
  • No prompts for placeholder values are displayed when pasting a clipping containing placeholders. Does not affect built-in placeholders (e.g. for the date)

What's New in Beta 2
  • Export to an HTML document from Clippings Manager. Also fixed some export bugs
  • In Clippings Manager, you can now copy a clipping or folder from the Move To dialog, by ticking the "Create a copy" checkbox
  • Extension preferences now open in a new browser tab
  • Clippings Manager intro - view it by pressing F1

Things You Should Know About
  • Clippings 5.x users: Remember to back up your clippings data before upgrading to Clippings 6! After installing/upgrading to Clippings 6, you will be prompted to import your backup file.
  • If there were labels on clippings in the imported data source, they will be brought over to Clippings 6 with the import; the color labels will appear on the Clippings context menu.  However, labels cannot be edited for existing clippings, or added to new clippings. This will be fixed in a future release.
  •  Due to WebExtensions being restricted from using any keyboard shortcuts that start with CTRL + ALT, the keyboard paste key has now changed - it is now ALT+SHIFT+Y (Cmd+Shift+Y on macOS).
  • Clippings Manager can import the legacy Clippings RDF/XML datasource file format (*.rdf files) as well as the new Clippings 6 format; however, it can only export to Clippings 6 format. To exchange clippings from Clippings 6 with other users, they need to have Clippings 5.5 or newer installed.

How to Get It

To obtain the beta 1 release, head over to the Clippings page on the Mozilla Add-ons website, then under the heading "More information", click "See all beta versions", then locate the entry for Version 6.0b2 and then click Add to Firefox.

Help and Support

Send your questions and comments to the AE Creations forums.  If you wish to report a bug, you may do so in GitHub; you will need a GitHub account if you don't have one already.

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