22 March 2018

Clippings compatibility with latest Thunderbird releases

Although Firefox add-ons are now forced to switch to the newer but immature and vastly inferior WebExtensions technology to maintain compatibility with current and future versions of Firefox, legacy add-ons continue to be supported for Thunderbird.

Clippings 5.5.x remains available for Thunderbird 52.x; however, there have been issues with Clippings reported against the latest beta versions of Thunderbird -- the most recent version being 59.0 at the time of this writing.

Users should stay with the current stable release of Thunderbird in order to continue using Clippings 5.5.x. A new version of Clippings for Thunderbird is in the works, but a release schedule for this new version has not been determined.


Grzegorz Podgórski said...
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Grzegorz Podgórski said...

when the Clippings version for Thunderbird Beta https://www.thunderbird.net/pl/channel/ will be available?
Version 5.5.2 doesn't works!