13 April 2006

Hello, World.

If you've stumbled here by accident, or was referred to here to learn more about the goings-on with Clippings (the nifty li'l text snippet saving tool for Firefox that I'm presently working on), welcome.

For the past few weeks, I've been working hard - struggling at times - to implement the new features that will be going into Clippings 2.0; in particular, support for subfolders, which has proven to be a pain, more so since the Clippings 1.x series only creates new clippings in a flat list. But I'm been able to get Clippings Manager to work, somewhat, and the context browser submenu now sprouts new submenus for each folder created.

As development of Clippings 2.0 progresses, I will be making a series of development snapshot releases available for testers and those who absolutely must live on the bleeding edge (ack, I'm getting tired of hearing that cliché). They will be announced here as well on the mailing list when they're released.

Ordinary end users who can't put up with bugs, crashes, and the possibility of data loss should avoid them and wait for the final release of Clippings 2.0. But for the rest of the adventurous folks eager to try out the latest and greatest, stay tuned.

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