11 April 2022

Using Clippings With Zendesk and Other Web Apps That Use CKEditor

Zendesk has reportedly changed their HTML editor recently, and this change is causing issues for Zendesk users on Firefox who have been using the Clippings add-on to paste frequently-entered text into their customer support messages.

Symptoms that have been reported are:

  • When pasting a clipping containing line breaks, the line breaks are lost and a "@" symbol is inserted in their place.
  • A clipping that contains HTML tags is not pasted at all.

This issue is caused by CKEditor, which is the HTML editor that has recently been adopted by Zendesk. Users on other web sites and web apps using CKEditor will experience these problems as well.

There are workarounds available, though they are less than ideal. For example, you can copy the clipping from Clippings Manager and then paste it into the HTML editor using CTRL+V (Command+V on macOS) -- but any HTML formatting won't be applied.

More details on this issue and instructions on workarounds can be found in this Clippings help page on the AE Creations website.