03 November 2021

Sync Clippings Helper 1.2 beta 2 for macOS and Linux released!

This is the second beta release of an upcoming version of the Sync Clippings Helper app, which introduces compatibility with macOS and Linux. This beta release is intended for testers and early adopters craving the latest and greatest. Read on to learn more about how to get it, things you should know about, and how to report a bug.

What's New

  • Now compatible with macOS and Linux
  • You can now browse for the sync folder location from the Sync Clippings settings dialog in Clippings preferences (requires Clippings for Firefox 6.3.2 or newer, or Clippings for Thunderbird 6.1.2 or newer)
  •  New in 1.2b2  When choosing the sync folder location from Sync Clippings settings, the folder picker dialog will now default to your home folder, rather than the system root folder
  •  New in 1.2b2  Bug fix: Thunderbird is unable to connect to Sync Clippings Helper on macOS (issue #11)

Things You Should Know About

  • This beta release is only available for macOS and Linux. Sync Clippings Helper 1.2 will be available for Windows at a later date.
  • Apple Silicon users: The installer package has not been tested on Apple M1 systems; it's possible that it (or the Sync Clippings Helper app) may not run at all, or it may require Rosetta 2. Use the shell script instead to install Sync Clippings Helper (see the next section, "How to Get It"). A version of the macOS installer package for Apple Silicon is planned for release.
  • If you are installing Sync Clippings Helper using the setup script, make sure that Python 3 and the Tkinter package (python3-tk) is installed on your system. The setup script will check for those dependencies and will inform you if they aren't found.

How to Get It

Sync Clippings Helper is available as a macOS installer package (requires macOS 10.14 or newer) or a shell script that can be run from the command line. Get them from the Sync Clippings Helper 1.2 beta 2 page on GitHub.

Uninstalling the Previous Beta Release

If you installed Sync Clippings Helper 1.2 beta 1, you should uninstall the old version first before installing version 1.2 beta 2.

If you installed it using the macOS installer package, open Terminal and go to the folder location /Library/SyncClippings/1.2.0. Run the script uninstall.sh with sudo, and follow the prompts.

If Sync Clippings Helper was installed using the setup script, delete the following folder paths/files:

  • /usr/local/opt/sync-clippings (default installation location)
  • ~/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/syncClippings.json
  • ~/.config/sync-clippings

Help and Support

Questions and comments should be posted to the AE Creations Help and Support forums, hosted on Google Groups.

If you find a bug with the Sync Clippings Helper app or its installers, you may file a bug report on GitHub. Please search the issues list first to confirm that your issue has not already been reported.

02 November 2021

Clippings for Thunderbird 6.1.2 released!

Another minor update to Clippings for Thunderbird 6.1 has been released, and is now available from Thunderbird Add-ons and the AE Creations website.

If you already have an older version of Clippings for Thunderbird installed, it will be upgraded for you if automatic extension updates are enabled. Otherwise, open Add-ons Manager (from the Thunderbird menu, click Add-ons), click on the entry for Clippings for Thunderbird in the list of installed extensions, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Check for Updates.

What's New

  • Bug fix: Edited synced clipping isn't being synced from Thunderbird (issue #118)
  • Bug fix: Misaligned checkboxes on Linux (issue #117)
  • Other fixes and improvements

Things You Should Know About

  • Clippings for Thunderbird 6.1 requires Thunderbird versions 78 or 91.
  • If you want to use Sync Clippings, download and install the Sync Clippings helper app. More information and download links can be found on the Sync Clippings page on the AE Creations website. The Sync Clippings Helper app is available for Windows; a version for macOS and Linux is currently in beta.

Help and Support

Questions and comments about Clippings should be posted to the AE Creations Help and Support forums, hosted on Google Groups.