10 August 2010

HELP WANTED testing experimental bug fix

As described in the previous blog post, some users have reported that the Clippings Manager window would not appear when invoking it, either through the web page textbox context menu or by double-clicking the Clippings icon on the status bar. This was caused by the Clippings Manager window being positioned outside the viewable screen area.

This problem seems sporadic, as I have not been able to reproduce it. I have entered this as bug 23103.

I have uploaded a test build of Clippings which contains an experimental fix for this bug. You can download and install it by clicking here.

If you are affected by the problem described above, please install this build and let me know by replying to this Clippings forum post if the Clippings Manager display problem is resolved.

Clippings, Clippings Manager, and Firefox 4 beta

A few devoted Clippings users have been anxiously waiting for compatibility with Firefox 4 beta releases. Here is an update on that, as well as news about a recently-reported bug affecting the display of the Clippings Manager window.

Compatibility with Firefox 4 beta

There were some changes to Firefox 4 with the way XPCOM components are registered which affected Clippings. Clippings will not function as-is on Firefox 4, so this change will require a new minor release.

Clippings Manager display problems

Some users on Windows and Mac OS have reported in the forums that Clippings Manager would not appear on their screens when it is invoked, either from the web page textbox context menu or from double-clicking the Clippings icon on the status bar. If this happens to you, follow these steps to work around it:
  1. In the address bar in Firefox, type about:config and press ENTER.
  2. In the filter textbox, type clippings.clipmgr.window_position
  3. Double-click on resulting row. In the dialog box that appears, enter 0,0 (without any spaces after the comma) and click OK.
A proper fix for this bug (Bugzilla 23103) will be included in the same release as the one to address Firefox 4 beta compatibility.