10 December 2014

Clippings 4.1.2 released!

A minor release of Clippings is now available from Mozilla Add-ons and the AE Creations website.  This release addresses a major issue that was observed by users of Firefox 36 nightly builds.

If you already have an older version of Clippings installed, it will be upgraded for you if automatic extension updates are enabled. Otherwise, open Extension Manager (Tools → Add-ons), then right-click on the entry for in the list of installed extensions and choose Find Update.

What's New
  • Fixed an error that was appearing at browser startup in Firefox 36 nightly builds (issue #22)
  • Other maintenance fixes (issue #16, issue #24)

Help and Support

Questions and comments about Clippings should be directed to the AE Creations Help and Support forums, hosted on Google Groups.

04 December 2014

Clippings shortcut prefix keys not working in Gmail

Users have reported that the shortcut prefix keys, CTRL+ALT+V (on Mac OS X, Command+Option+V) does not work in Gmail's message editor.  Pressing those keys have no effect, or would cause a beeping sound.

As explained in a post to the AE Creations Help and Support forum, the issue lies with Gmail filtering out these keys when the cursor is inside the message editor; it doesn't happen when the cursor is in the To or Subject fields.  I experimented with changing the Clippings keys using the KeyConfig extension (e.g., assign  CTRL+F4 to the "Insert Clipping" action), but that did not work.

Interestingly enough, other Google products that I've tried are not impacted by this issue -- specifically, Google Groups (when writing a forum post), Google Chat (when typing a chat message) and Blogger (when writing a blog post such as this one). 

My only suggestion would be to submit your comments to Gmail support.  Sorry.