21 May 2013

Clippings 4.0 beta 3 released!

This is the third beta release of the next version of Clippings, intended for early adopters who crave the latest and greatest. Users not comfortable trying out pre-release software and tolerating its many bugs should stick with Clippings 3.2 for now.

What's new in beta 3

  • Bug fix: When searching for clippings and folders, searching for a specific folder doesn't return any results if there aren't also any matching clippings of the same name (bug 25420)
  • Bug fix: The drop-down field in the General pane of the extension preferences dialog is distorted (bug 25423)
  • Bug fix: On Mac OS X, the height of the extension preferences dialog is wrong, causing the dialog content to be cut off (bug 25443).  NOTE: This issue is fixed on Firefox but is still occurring on Thunderbird.
  • Bug fix: On Ubuntu 12.04, the Clippings Manager toolbar background is too dark (bug 25424)

Cumulative list of new features in Clippings 4.0
  • Customizable data source location
  • Data source backup and restore from Clippings Manager
  • Search for clippings in Clippings Manager using the new Find Bar
  • Auto-incrementing placeholders. These are special placeholders that you will be prompted for once to enter a starting numeric value; every time the clipping containing this placeholder is pasted, the placeholder will be automatically substituted with a value that is incremented from the last paste. Auto-incrementing placeholder names are in the format #[variable_name].
  • Tab-modal placeholder prompt dialog for Firefox. With this enhancement, it is possible to interact with other browser tabs in the same window while prompted for a clipping placeholder value
  • Auto spell checking of clipping text (in New Clipping dialog and Clippings Manager)
  • New extension option to enable or disable the shortcut key prefix, CTRL+ALT+V (or Command+Option+V on Mac OS X)
  • Shortcut key help. Press the usual shortcut key prefix, CTRL+ALT+V (or Command+Option+V on Mac OS X), then press F1 to get a list of shortcut keys and the clipping they are assigned to. This list can be printed, or saved to an HTML file.
  • On Firefox, add the Clippings toolbar button to the Add-on Bar, if it is not there already 
  • Redesigned extension preferences dialog 

 How to Get It

Head over to the Clippings page on the Mozilla Add-ons website, then scroll to the bottom and expand Development Channel.  Click on the yellow "Add to Firefox" button to install it for Firefox.

To install Clippings 4.0 beta 2 for Thunderbird, right-click on the yellow "Add to Firefox" button and select the option to save the XPI file.  Choose a location to save the file to, then launch Thunderbird, open the Add-ons Manager, then click the Tools icon and select Install Add-on From File.

Help and Support

Send your questions and comments to the AE Creations forums.  If you wish to report a bug, you can do so in Bugzilla; you will need a Bugzilla account if you don't have one already.

05 May 2013

Send Tab URLs 2.1.1 released!

Send Tab URLs 2.1.1 has been released and is available for download from the AE Creations website.

If you already have an older version of Send Tab URLs installed, you will need to uninstall it first, then go to the download link above and download the new version from there.

What's New
  • Compatible with Firefox 20
  • Automatically reload any unloaded browser tabs before sending their URLs, due to browser tab load optimizations that were introduced in Firefox 20. The auto reload is necessary to retrieve the browser tab titles for the URL list
  • Updated localizations, and added support for Simplified Chinese

Help and Support

Questions and comments about Send Tab URLs should be directed to the AE Creations forums, now hosted on Google Groups.