19 August 2011

Clippings 3.1.5 and Panic Button 1.1.6 released!

New releases of Clippings and Panic Button are now out, and are available on Mozilla Add-ons and on the AE Creations website. These releases fixes a few bugs and adds translations for Swedish (Danish translations are added to Clippings).

Among the highlights:

Clippings 3.1.5: Fixes a problem where Clippings Manager doesn't remember its window size and position; also fixes broken dragging 'n dropping of text into Clippings Manager to create a clipping.

Panic Button 1.1.6: Fixes a bug (as described in this past post) where the custom toolbar button image doesn't get updated when adding the Panic Button toolbar button to the browser toolbar.

Help and Support

Questions and comments about Clippings should be directed to the AE Creations forums.

17 August 2011

Delicious Post bug: Simplified Chinese translation is incomplete

The Simplified Chinese (zh-CN) translation for Delicious Post is incomplete. As a result, users that are running the Simplified Chinese version of Firefox with this extension will see missing or blank text in the Delicious Post dialog boxes and menu commands.

I've requested the translator on Babelzilla to translate the missing Simplified Chinese translations. This fix will require a new release of Delicious Post. Apologies to those users who are inconvenienced.

01 August 2011

Compatibility with Firefox 6 beta

All AE Creations extensions -- Clippings (except for the special version for portable devices), Delicious Post, Panic Button and Send Tab URLs -- are now compatible with Firefox 6 beta. However, there is a minor issue with Panic Button which is noted below.

Panic Button Issue With Firefox 6 beta

If the Panic Button toolbar button is not added to any Firefox browser toolbar, and you change the toolbar button image (from Panic Button's extension preferences dialog), the toolbar button image is not updated until you add the button to a toolbar and then change the toolbar button image again. See the Bugzilla bug for more details.