12 March 2009

Delicious Post 0.8

This is the second development milestone of Delicious Post. Meant for early adopters craving the latest and greatest, this milestone release is being made available for testing, and should only be installed if you are willing to tolerate a few bugs. If that scares you, then don't install it.

» Download: Delicious Post 0.8 (16 KB; English (United States); compatible with Firefox 3.0-3.1b2)

Please note: This is not yet compatible with Firefox 3.1 beta 3.

If you already have an older version of Delicious Post installed, it will be upgraded for you if automatic extension updates are enabled. Otherwise, open Extension Manager (Tools → Add-ons), then right-click on the entry for Delicious Post in the list of installed extensions and choose Find Update.

What's New
  • Post bookmarks in the background
  • "Do not share" checkbox
  • Auto-fill bookmark description from selected text in web page
  • Keep existing bookmark if URL already posted
  • New extension preferences dialog
  • Submit dialog can be modal or modeless (currently modal by default; can be changed via a hidden pref, extensions.aecreations.deliciouspost.modeless_submit)

Known Issues

For the latest list of bugs, please see Bugzilla.
  • XMLHttpRequest error handling when posting from the submit dialog isn't consistent with background posting (bug 20683)
  • Submit dialog should work modelessly if background posting enabled (bug 20685)
  • Height of URL textbox in the submit dialog is too short (bug 20684)
  • Error message when attempting to repost URL needs to be more friendlier and easier to localize (bug 20682)

Reporting Bugs

Post bug reports as a comment to this post. If you have a Bugzilla account on Mozdev, you can file a bug here.