18 May 2015

Clippings 5.0 alpha 1 - testers wanted

This is the first alpha release of Clippings 5.0, intended for early adopter users who crave the latest and greatest. Users not comfortable trying out pre-release software and tolerating its inevitable bugs should stick with Clippings 4.1.2 for now.

If you already have a previous release of Clippings installed, you must uninstall it first before installing this release. Because this is an alpha release, no automatic upgrades to this release will be available to current Clippings users.

What's New
  • Clipping labels.  You can label your clippings by color
  • Save the source URL (web page address) of a clipping at the time it is created.  This works when creating a clipping from text on a web page; in the New Clipping dialog, click Options and select the checkbox option "Save the URL of the source page".  Available for Firefox only
  • Redesigned New Clipping dialog
  • Placeholders with default values.  Example: $[placeholderName{defaultValue}].  When pasting a clipping with such a placeholder, the dialog prompt will supply a default value which you can accept or change.
  • Placeholders with multiple selectable values.  Example: $[placeholderName{value1|value2|value3|...}].  When pasting a clipping with such a placeholder, the dialog prompt will display a drop-down menu where you can select from the available values.

Things You Should Know About
  • The clipping label picker on Mac OS X does not display correctly.
  • Debugging functionality has been temporarily enabled for this alpha release.  You may notice verbose logging in the browser console and repeated beeps when editing a clipping in Clippings Manager.

How to Get It

Head over to the Clippings page on the Mozilla Add-ons website, then scroll to the bottom and expand Development Channel.  Click on the yellow "Add to Firefox" button to install it.

Help and Support

Send your questions and comments to the AE Creations forums.  If you wish to report a bug, you may do so in GitHub; you will need a GitHub account if you don't have one already.