23 March 2011

Clippings for Portable Firefox 4

As promised, Clippings is now compatible with Portable Firefox 4. Follow the download link in the Clippings installation page to download it to your Portable Firefox browser.

About Clippings Portable Edition

This special release of Clippings is intended for Portable Firefox users. The difference is that the common clippings feature is disabled; the Clippings data is stored in your Portable Firefox profile directory -- typically on your USB flash drive or other portable media in which Portable Firefox is installed. This ensures that your Clippings data stays in your portable media.

Clippings Portable Edition can also be used with Portable Thunderbird. Simply use the same download link as given above.

22 March 2011

Firefox 4 is here!

The newest and the best-yet browser from Mozilla has just been released. Sporting a streamlined user interface, faster Web page display, and cool new capabilities for Web developers, Firefox 4 is now available from the Mozilla website.

All extensions from AE Creations are compatible with this new Firefox release. Some of the changes introduced by Firefox 4 necessitated new minor releases of Clippings and Panic Button.

Clippings for Portable Firefox Not Yet Available

The special portable edition of Clippings for Portable Firefox will be ready shortly. Watch this blog for further updates.