28 May 2011

The forums are back!

Further to my last post regarding the outage in the AE Creation forums, I'm happy to report that the forums are now back online.

My apologies for the troubles the forum outage may have caused.

22 May 2011

Forum posts not displaying

Forum posts in the AE Creations forums have recently disappeared from view. Old postings do not show up when going to a forum.

This is reportedly a problem affecting all projects hosted on Mozdev, including the ones from AE Creations. The latest word I've received is that the Mozdev admins are investigating the issue.

In the meantime, feel free to leave general comments and suggestions for improvements to Clippings, Delicious Post, Panic Button and Send Tab URLs in the comments area in the Mozilla Add-ons page for the respective add-on. Bug reports should be directed to Bugzilla. Note that Clippings has its own Bugzilla database.