10 May 2023

Monthly update: May 2023

Here's a short update on what's happening for the month of May!

Work is progressing on the next version of Clippings and Clippings for Thunderbird. I've eliminated the remaining calls in the extension pages (e.g. Clippings Manager) to get the background script, replacing them with message passing. I've also fixed a bug where formatted date placeholders were always populated in English even on non-English locales; this will definitely be a welcome fix for international users.

I've also started work on the next version of Read Next, and have implemented a new option to automatically close the reading list sidebar when clicking on a link in the reading list. Read Next 1.1 will also have the ability to add multiple selected tabs to the reading list, as well as rename a link. The new version is planned for release in June of this year.