27 May 2006

Clippings 1.99.5 Released

This is a feature-complete release. That is, all the features that you see in this release is what will be present when Clippings 2.0 finally comes out.

If you already have Clippings 1.x or any previous development snapshot release installed, you must uninstall it first before installing this release.

Download link: http://downloads.mozdev.org/clippings/devel/clippings-1.99.5-en-US.xpi (51 KB; English-US; compatible with Firefox 1.0 - 1.5.0.x)
All development snapshots to date can be found here: http://downloads.mozdev.org/clippings/devel/

Much effort has been made at finding and fixing bugs; however, this release is still rough around the edges, and ordinary users not comfortable trying out new software should stay with the current stable release, or wait until Clippings 2.0 is out.

Summary of New Features
  • Folders and subfolders to organize your clippings. You can choose which folder to place a new clipping in, create new folders (or delete folders you no longer need), and move or copy clippings into folders in Clippings Manager.
  • Automatic back up of Clippings data. Back up files are stored in a ".clipbak" folder in your Firefox user profile folder.
  • Automatic recovery of corrupted Clippings data. Clippings can now detect corruption of the data source file (clipdat2.rdf) and restore it from backup files.
  • Export Clippings as HTML for printing or display in a Web browser.
  • Export as Clippings 1.x format, for backwards compatibility with Clippings 1.x series.
  • Clippings Manager window dimensions now remembered between sessions.
  • Numerous bug fixes.
Known Issues
  • Imported folders do not appear on the Clippings menu unless a new window is opened or Firefox is restarted.
  • (Firefox 1.0.x only) Clippings menu doesn't appear again after creating a new clipping using the New or New From Selection commands on that menu.
  • (Firefox 1.0.x only) Exporting as HTML doesn't work.
Things You Should Know About

The new folders feature necessitated a new data source structure, which is NOT compatible with Clippings 1.x. As a result, the Clippings data is stored in a new file in your user profile directory, clipdat2.rdf. (Clippings 1.x data is stored in clipdat.rdf.)

Your existing Clippings data (if you had Clippings 1.x before) will be automatically imported into the new data source file when you start Firefox the first time after installing this release of Clippings. The old Clippings 1.x data source file, clipdat.rdf, will be left untouched, in case you want to revert back to Clippings 1.x.

Reporting Bugs

If you find a bug, first reread the above to see if it's not already a known issue. Then do a search here to see if it's hasn't already been reported yet. If it is indeed a new bug, please file a bug report at http://bugzilla.mozdev.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=clippings. A Bugzilla account on Mozdev is required.

Thanks for trying out Clippings.

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