25 June 2006

Localization with Babelzilla

A fellow who did the Russian localization of Clippings 1.2.1 pointed me to Babelzilla for translating Mozilla application extensions. I checked it out and wondered why I didn't know about this sooner. This is great - a whole community of translators eager and ready to localize submitted extensions! It sure beats waiting until somebody grabs the offical release of a Firefox or Thunderbird (or other Mozilla app) extension, localizes it and then submits it - a process that could take days if not weeks after the official release.

With Clippings 2.0 ready to go (only one minor fix was needed), I registered on to Babelzilla and uploaded the XPI file. It'll be interesting to see the community effort involved in the translations that will be made available, not to mention how long it'll take. With Clippings being made available in a number of different languages, it will truly benefit people the world over.

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TsaiTsungYou said...

I'm the zh-TW translator. I saw it on BabeZilla and tried it . It's stable and useful. :)

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