02 July 2006


Taking a short break from working on Clippings, I immersed myself in a small project: XULicious, a simple del.icio.us tag client written using the XULRunner run-time.

XULicious (pronounced "zool-icious") lists all your del.icio.us tags. After logging in using your del.icio.us username, it loads all of your del.icio.us tags asynchronously using XMLHttpRequest. Once loaded, you can copy the entire list of tags to the clipboard. You can reload the entire list in case a change was made outside of XULicious (i.e., in the del.icio.us site itself, or from other del.icio.us clients).

And... that's it. There's a lot of things missing here that would make it more complete. There's no tag cloud option available, no ability to sort tags by frequency, no way to list all bookmarks tagged with a given tag, or filtering bookmarks by a combination of two or more tags, and all the other nice things one would find in a full-fledged del.icio.us client, like managing tags and bookmarks, posting a new bookmark, and so on.

But it has a cute little throbber icon that animates when your tags are loaded! WOW!!

All silliness aside, XULicious was meant more to be a demo of XULRunner. It took about two hours one evening to have the bare minimum functionality working (e.g. with my username/password hard-coded); and a few more hours over a span of seven days up to today to add reload and copying functionality and other UI niceities like exception handling, the Log In dialog, and of course, the toolbar icons.

Those interested in giving it a spin can download it from http://downloads.mozdev.org/clippings/misc/xulicious.

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