26 December 2006

Idea scratch pad - Send Tab URLs

Ideas for the next release:
  • Set a limit on the number of browser tabs whose URLs are listed, for security considerations. This limit will be configurable via a setting that can be changed in about:config, although the limit should be reasonably high enough to suit the most demanding power surfer: "24 browser tabs should be enough for everybody...."

  • Simple formatting of the generated email. Each listed URL in the email could be numbered or bulleted. Formatting could be set every time Send Tab URLs is invoked, or only on demand, via an "Options" dialog box. Simple formatting should work regardless of whether the email is composed in plain text or rich text (HTML).

  • Slice vegetables, bake muffins, and create the most amazing pineapple chicken chow mein dish... oops, wrong project.... =)

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