14 December 2006

Send Tabs 0.1.1

New release. Lots of internal code changes, but only minor obvious visual changes.

Download: sendtabs-0.1.1 (6 KB; English (United States); compatible with Firefox 1.5 - 2.0.0.*)

Please Note: Send Tabs is under development, and is currently meant for users interested in testing it and can tolerate its many bugs. If that scares you, then you shouldn't install it.

What's New

A single, trivial change - the email subject line will show you how many links are being sent. So if you had 8 browser tabs open, then the subject line will read: "From Send Tabs (8 links)".

Known Issues

On Windows, Send Tabs won't work if the total number of characters in the "mailto" URL exceeds approximately 462 characters. Testing has confirmed that this isn't an issue on Linux (Fedora Core 4, at least), where 24 browser tabs were opened in a single window and a 5232-character "mailto" URL was successfully generated.

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