29 December 2007

Clippings 2.99.4 development milestone release

This is the fourth development milestone release leading up to Clippings 3.0, intended for early adopter users who crave the latest and greatest. Users not comfortable trying out pre-release software and tolerating its many bugs should stick with Clippings 2.6 for now.

» Download: Clippings 2.99.4 (147 KB; English (United States); compatible with Firefox 1.5-2.0.0.x and Thunderbird 1.5-2.0.0.x)

If you already have a previous release of Clippings installed, you must uninstall it first before installing this release. Because this is a development snapshot, no automatic upgrades to this release will be available to current Clippings users.

What's New In This Release
  • Common Clippings Migration utility (Clippings Manager, Options → Common Clippings) to enable the common clippings feature and migrate your clippings data from the data source in the host application profile directory to the common data source. This eliminates the tedious, manual set up that was necessary in past milestone releases to enable and initialize the common clippings data source.
  • Double-click on a clipping in Clippings Manager to paste it into the most recent host app window
  • Mini-help appears when starting Clippings Manager for the first time, and when clicking What's This in the Shortcut Key field.
  • Clippings toolbar (disabled by default due to usability problems; see this post for details)
  • The Clippings button for the host application toolbar has been removed, as it is not very useful.
  • Bug fix: Clippings menu missing if clippak.rdf (the packaged data source file) is corrupted or invalid (bug 17898)
  • Bug fix: resolve confused UI state after migration to common datasource (bug 17939)
  • Bug fix: incorrect status bar count after new clipping/folder or import from other host app (bug 17871)
Known Issues

For the most up-to-date list of bugs, please see http://clippings.mozdev.org/bugs.html.
  • Common clippings is still disabled by default; however you can now enable it by running the Common Clippings Migration utility, described above.
  • Clippings Manager does not automatically reload the clippings tree after the migration is completed; workaround this by closing and then reopening Clippings Manager (bug 18197)
  • Shortcut key assignments are lost after migrating to the common data source.
Things You Should Know About
  • To migrate your clippings data to the common data source, you must run the Common Clippings Migration utility (Clippings Manager, Options → Common Clippings) from both Firefox and Thunderbird.
  • If, before migrating to the common data source, you have a large number of clippings and folders in the root Clippings folder, migrating from Firefox and Thunderbird may result in a larger number of clippings and folders in the common data source, resulting in a rather lengthy Clippings submenu in the host application's context menu. Consider organizing your clippings (deleting unneeded clippings from the root folder and moving clippings to folders) before running the migration utility.
  • Sometimes, if common clippings data source is enabled and you make changes to a clipping from Clippings Manager invoked from one host app and then switch to another instance of Clippings Manager from the other host app, the update from the first host app may not be reflected in Clippings Manager from the second host app. Use Options → Reload to update the display.
  • The Redo (a.k.a. "Undo Undo") function key in Clippings Manager has changed as of milestone release 2.99.3; the function key is now F2.
Help and Support

Send your questions to the Clippings mailing list at clippings@mozdev.org. Enter a new bug here (Bugzilla account on Mozdev required - or you can just post your bug report to the mailing list). Remember to check the bug list first to see if an issue you want to report has already been filed.

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