17 March 2008

Clippings 3.0 released!

The wait is finally over. Clippings 3.0 has been released and is now available for download.

» Download: Clippings 3.0 (175 KB; compatible with Firefox 2.0-3.0b4 and Thunderbird 2.0-2.0.0.*)

Supported Languages: English (United States), Chinese (simplified), Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Slovak.

If you already have Clippings installed, it will be upgraded for you if automatic extension updates are enabled in Firefox. Otherwise, open Extension Manager in Firefox, then right-click on the entry for Clippings in the list of installed extensions and choose Find Update.

Please note that Clippings 3.0 is, and will not be, compatible with Firefox 1.5 and Thunderbird 1.5. These versions are obsolete and Mozilla Corp. is no longer supporting them.

What's New
  • Common clippings data for Firefox and Thunderbird. This much-requested feature allows your Clippings data to be created, accessed and modified from both Firefox and Thunderbird. (More info.)
  • Shortcut keys. You can now assign a shortcut key to a clipping at the time of creation or by editing a clipping in Clippings Manager. Shortcut keys can be any letter (A-Z) or digit (0-9). To paste the clipping into a web page form field in Firefox or a new email message in Thunderbird, press CTRL+ALT+V, then the shortcut key.
  • Clipping placeholders. You can define placeholders inside a clipping that you will be prompted to fill in when you paste the clipping. Built-in placeholders for the date, time, clipping name, user agent, etc. are also available. (More info.)
  • Default clippings. System administrators and redistributors can bundle a default Clippings datasource file into a customized Clippings XPI to pre-populate their users' datasources when they install the customized XPI. (More info.)
  • Improvements to Clippings Manager's automatic save functionality, including on-the-fly updating of clipping edits/changes.
  • Double-click on a clipping in Clippings Manager to paste it into the most recent host app window
  • Numerous bug fixes.

Known Issues
  • On Firefox 3, it is not possible to adjust the width of Clippings Manager's tree list.
  • Shortcut key assignments are lost after migrating to the common data source.
  • Exporting Clippings data to a Clippings file that already exists may cause the data to be appended to the existing content in the file instead of overwriting it.

Help and Support

A Quick Start Guide is available, and is recommended reading for first-time users.

Support requests should be emailed to the Clippings mailing list at clippings@mozdev.org. Bug reports should also be emailed to the Clippings mailing list. If you have a Bugzilla account on Mozdev, you may file a bug report at http://clippings.mozdev.org/bugs.html.

1 comment:

Valto said...

Thanks for great tool. I just installed yesterday, while I was looking for solution to "Gmail multiple signature" -problem. I think this will be good for that, plus for many other things.

Idea (that others may have said already, but will post anyway). Since I'm using multiple computers and using browser sync to sync bookmarks, I would really like to have sync between clippings as well. So that if I add/edit in one computer/browser, those would be available in all comps that have clippings & sync activated.

I propable could do this via some separate file sync tool, but really would like to have this feature.

thanks again for a great tool (good specially for UMPC's without keyboards)