18 June 2008

Workaround to Clippings and Menu Editor conflict

I wrote about a problem that was experienced by many users who also have Menu Editor installed. The problem was that if Menu Editor is installed, the clippings and folders on the Clippings submenu of the browser context menu would disappear.

I discovered a workaround using a new feature of Clippings Manager that I totally forgot about. In Clippings 3.0, you can paste a clipping by double-clicking a clipping in Clippings Manager's tree list. Here are the steps:
  1. Click on the text box where you want to paste a clipping.
  2. Right-click to invoke the context menu, then choose Clippings → Organize Clippings. This will open Clippings Manager.
  3. Find the desired clipping in the tree list and double-click on it. The selected clipping will be pasted into the web page text box at the cursor position.
This alternative method of pasting a clipping essentially lets you do so without using the browser context menu.

1 comment:

Danina said...

Is there any chance to get the problem fixed?
i really love clippings, but i nedd Menu Editor too