04 December 2014

Clippings shortcut prefix keys not working in Gmail

Users have reported that the shortcut prefix keys, CTRL+ALT+V (on Mac OS X, Command+Option+V) does not work in Gmail's message editor.  Pressing those keys have no effect, or would cause a beeping sound.

As explained in a post to the AE Creations Help and Support forum, the issue lies with Gmail filtering out these keys when the cursor is inside the message editor; it doesn't happen when the cursor is in the To or Subject fields.  I experimented with changing the Clippings keys using the KeyConfig extension (e.g., assign  CTRL+F4 to the "Insert Clipping" action), but that did not work.

Interestingly enough, other Google products that I've tried are not impacted by this issue -- specifically, Google Groups (when writing a forum post), Google Chat (when typing a chat message) and Blogger (when writing a blog post such as this one). 

My only suggestion would be to submit your comments to Gmail support.  Sorry.

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