30 November 2015

Clippings 5.0 beta 3 released -- testers wanted!

This is the third beta release of Clippings 5.0, intended for early adopter users who crave the latest and greatest. Users not comfortable trying out pre-release software and tolerating its inevitable bugs should stick with Clippings 4.1.2 for now.

If you already have a previous release of Clippings installed, you must uninstall it first before installing this release. Because this is a beta release, no automatic upgrades to this release will be available to current Clippings users.

What's New in Beta 3

Mostly bug fixes:
  • Bug fix: In Clippings Manager, handle the tree list selection change when the source URL edit is not saved (issue #44). If a clipping's source URL is being edited, and then another clipping or folder is selected without clicking OK (the button with the checkmark icon), the changes are automatically saved. The edit is discarded if the source URL is not a valid URL.
  • Bug fix: Clicking Cancel in shortcut key prompt doesn't cancel (issue #48)
  • Bug fix: Redo clipping creation doesn't restore source URL or color label (issue #49)
  • Bug fix: Label palette doesn't appear correctly on Linux (issue #50)
  • Bug fix: Error on startup in Thunderbird 44, causing the Clippings context menu to not show any clippings (issue #43)
  • Removed usage of the deprecated FUEL/STEEL library
  • Other minor fixes

How to Get It

Head over to the Clippings page on the Mozilla Add-ons website, then scroll to the bottom and expand Development Channel.  Click on the yellow "Add to Firefox" button to install it.

NOTE: When installing Clippings beta releases, you will get a warning saying that the extension is unsigned.  This can be safely ignored; however, unsigned extensions will be blocked in a future release of Firefox, which will cause installation of Clippings beta releases to fail.  If this happens, install Firefox Developer Edition, which allows installation of unsigned extensions for testing purposes.

Help and Support

Send your questions and comments to the AE Creations forums.  If you wish to report a bug, you may do so in GitHub; you will need a GitHub account if you don't have one already.

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