05 December 2017

Panic Button 4.0.1 released!

This minor release of the new WebExtension version of Panic Button contains a few improvements. It is now available for download from Mozilla Add-ons and the AE Creations website.

If you already have Panic Button installed, it will be upgraded for you if automatic extension updates are enabled. Otherwise, open Add-ons Manager (Tools → Add-ons), then right-click on the entry for Panic Button in the list of installed extensions and choose Find Updates.

What's New
  • In the extension preferences page, the "http://" prefix to the replacement web page URL will now be added automatically if it is missing.  Also, a message appears for the Hide and Replace action, making it clearer that is not compatible with Private Browsing mode
  • The title of the extension preferences page is changed to make it less conspicuous

Things You Should Know About

This release has most of the features from version 3, but with the following differences:
  • The Hide All Windows action is not available
  • The Close All Windows action doesn't actually quit the browser, unless there are no other open windows (e.g. bookmark manager)
  • The option to set a password on the Hide and Replace action is not available
  • The shortcut key for invoking the Panic Button action cannot be changed to a different key; the F9 key for the Panic Button action can only be enabled or disabled
Also note that any customizations (e.g. toolbar button icon, custom toolbar icon image) from previous versions of Panic Button will not carry over to this new version.

Help and Support

Questions and comments about Panic Button should be directed to the AE Creations Help and Support forums, hosted on Google Groups.

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