09 February 2018

Translators wanted for localizing Clippings

This is a call for translators to help with localizing Clippings.  Are you a Clippings user and want it in your native language?  If you are fluent in English and another world language, and would like to help with translation, consider contributing to the effort on the Crowdin project for Clippings!

Just go to the Crowdin project, sign up as a translator, and then start translating.  Localization templates for several languages have already been added, but if a desired language is missing, simply post to the discussion forum on Crowdin and ask for your language to be added.

The goal is to have translations for the most popular languages ready for the upcoming release of Clippings, which brings back some features from legacy versions of Clippings (shortcut list, placeholder toolbar in Clippings Manager), as well as more bug fixes.


milupo said...


I've translated Clippings into German.



AE Creations said...

Thanks @milupo for the translations!

milupo said...

Hi AE Creations,

is it possible to download the messages.json from Crowdin?