03 December 2006


Picture this common Web browsing scenario: You've got multiple browser tabs open in Firefox, and you want to email a friend a list of URLs of all the really cool, must-see Web pages in the browser tabs you've got open.

While there is a "Send Link" command in Firefox (and in most other Web browsers), it only creates an email message containing the URL of the tab that was focused at the time the Send Link command was invoked. If you wanted to include the URLs of the other tabs, you would have to switch to each tab and copy and paste the URL from the location bar into the email. And if there are a lot of open tabs, that can be a real chore.

I propose an extension that would eliminate this needless copying and pasting. Called "Send Tabs," it will open an email message composition window where it will populate the message body with a bulleted list of URLs of all the Web pages displayed in all open tabs.

I had actually started working on this a while back, and got as far as creating a prototype of it before the project was abandoned when other things came up. Now, with Clippings 2.5 done and me restlessly thinking of other things to keep me busy and out of trouble, the Send Tabs idea seems to be worth revisiting.

There is some preliminary research and studying for me to do before resuming work on Send Tabs, but for now, what do you think? Comments on this idea are welcome.

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