13 April 2007

Clippings 2.6 released

This release introduces a few new features for Thunderbird, and is compatible with Thunderbird 2.0 release candidate 1.

Clippings 2.6 is now available for download from the Clippings website, http://clippings.mozdev.org, or from the download link below:

» Clippings 2.6 (109 KB; compatible with Firefox 1.5-2.0.0.* and Thunderbird 1.5-2.0rc1)

Supported Languages: English (United States), Chinese (traditional and simplified), Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Ukrainian. NOTE: In a few locales, some dialog box text may not be fully translated and may appear in English instead.

If you already have Clippings installed, it will be upgraded for you if automatic extension updates are enabled. Otherwise, choose Tools | Add-ons, then right-click on the entry for Clippings in the list of installed extensions and choose Find Update.

Users who had first installed Clippings from the Clippings website will be able to upgrade immediately. Clippings is awaiting review on Mozilla Addons, so users who first installed Clippings from there will not see updates for it until it is approved by Mozilla Addons reviewers.

What's New

This release adds new Thunderbird-specific options for removing extra line breaks and quote symbols when creating new clippings. Two check boxes are added to the New Clipping dialog box:

  • Create as unquoted text - If the selected text contains message quote symbols (">" for plain text messages), the new clipping is created without the quote symbols.
  • Remove extra line breaks - Creates the new clipping with unnecessary line breaks removed. Spacing between paragraphs are preserved.

Also for Thunderbird, you can choose to have clippings pasted into the email compose window as plain (normal) text or quoted text. To enable this feature, right-click on the Clippings status bar icon and choose Show Options When Pasting.

Getting Help

A Quick Start Guide is available for first-time users. See http://clippings.mozdev.org/help.html.

Support requests should be emailed to the Clippings mailing list at clippings@mozdev.org. If you think you found a bug, please do a search first to see if the issue hasn't been reported yet. Bug reports can be emailed to the Clippings mailing list; or if you have a Bugzilla account on Mozdev, you may file a bug report at http://clippings.mozdev.org/bugs.html.

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About Clippings 2.6.
Please correct the following.
On clippings.xul, line 308:
From : accesskey="&options.label;"
To : accesskey="options.accesskey"

A Japanese version of Clippings 2.6 is in the following.
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