29 July 2016

Issues with Clippings 5.1 in Gmail's message editor

There have been reports of problems pasting a clipping via the browser's context menu when composing an email message in Gmail.

This bug is being tracked in Github as issue #71.  Investigation/troubleshooting is underway; an update will be provided in this blog when a fix is available.

For now, try the following workaround:
  1. Open Clippings Manager
  2. Locate the clipping you want to paste into Gmail, and select the desired clipping in the Clippings Manager tree list
  3. Select the text in the clipping that you wanted to paste into Gmail, then drag and drop it into the message editor in Gmail


Broni said...

It happens in some other text fields.

Usman Waheed said...

It was some issue with Gmail, 2 days letter the issue is fixed itself so certainly problem at Gmail end, thanks for every thing.

Broni said...

Unfortunately the issue is present in other text areas.
I can't use Clippings on my board: http://www.smartestcomputing.us.com/ or on this board: https://invisionpower.com/forums/?forums=
Both use same type of software.
Nothing will paste from Clippings.
It worked fine in previous versions.
I have to use same workaround as for GMail.