17 June 2020

Clippings NOT compatible with Thunderbird 78

Thunderbird 78 will be the next major release of this email client, and is expected to be released soon. This new version comes with major changes to extensions which requires them to be completely rewritten. Clippings for Thunderbird is affected as well.

At this time, Clippings will not be compatible with Thunderbird 78.  This may change as future versions of Thunderbird are released. Until then, Clippings for Thunderbird 5.7 will remain compatible with Thunderbird 68.x.

Clippings for Mozilla Firefox is not affected by these Thunderbird changes.

Turn Off Automatic Updates

If you're a current user of Clippings for Thunderbird, you'll need to stay on Thunderbird 68.x.  Once Thunderbird 78 is released, your Thunderbird installation may automatically update, which will cause Clippings to stop working.

To ensure continued use of Clippings, you should turn off automatic updates for Thunderbird. To do that, follow these steps:
  1. Click the Thunderbird menu ( icon) and then select Options → Options
  2. On the left navigation sidebar, click Advanced
  3. Click on the Update tab, then click the radio button with the title, "Check for updates, but let me choose whether to install them"
Turn off automatic updates for Thunderbird in the Thunderbird options page. Click on the image to zoom in.

Note: It is safe to update Thunderbird 68 to a new minor release (for example, 68.10.0).  But you should avoid updating to version 78.0 or newer, if that is presented as an update option.


Steve at ACCES said...

When do you expect Clippings to be compatible with Thunderbird 78?

Paul Donohue said...

Clippings fills a need not provided by Thunderbird. It saves lots of repetitious keystrokes.

Can an update be expected?

If so, when?


Johnson Lam (はやしとしお) said...

Thanks you very much to Clippings, it's really help a lot.
Looking forward to new version for Thunderbird 78.

Unknown said...

Second the others here.. Clippings is so vital for us that i have now turned OFF automatic update to avoid us being without it..

Iæd rather turn update to auto again so hoping for it to soon be compatible again...

Unknown said...

I have turned off Thunderbird updates for now as I find clippings very useful. What is the issue with updating for Thunderbird 78? Do you plan to release a compatible version?

Unknown said...

Clippings is extremely useful for us. I'd like to financially support the development for 78 if it speeds things up and makes sure the version is released. You might also consider funding through Kickstarter, as Jonathan Kamens did for the Thunderbird-add-on "Send Later":




Anonymous said...

I just found an issue on Github with a lot more information. https://github.com/aecreations/clippings-tb/issues/42 Looks like another case of Firefox sneezing, Thunderbird catching a cold, and a whole bunch of addons dying because of it. I'm so unhappy about the way the Firefox dev team, and to an extent also the Thunderbird team, have handled this. I have Microsoft Office VBA macros that I wrote 20 years ago that STILL run. The devs really need to understand that what makes Firefox and Thunderbird exceptional are the ADDONS. Without them, Firefox is just an average browser and Thunderbird is just another mail client. Each time they kill essential addons, another mass exodus occurs. So sad!

psychobobas said...

Thanks so much for creating the clippings. It is the best productivity utility I have come across. Ive been using it for many years and it saved me hundreds of hours of copy-pasting.
If there is no future for the clippings, does anyone know something that comes close to its features??


ramasaig said...

I've had to move to a new computer, so inevitably I now have THunderbird 78. I suppose I could downgrade to TB68, but I'd much prefer to have an upgrade to Clippings, please. Is there any progress? Or are we all hoping for something that will never happen? It would be better to know than wait in suspense.

Fuzzphased said...

Would be great to see Clippings again for 78. One of the best things about Thunderbird! Would be happy to donate to the cause

Unknown said...

I was too late... (stop automatic updates)
I really miss 'Clippings' in Thunderbird 78 !!

Matt said...

No updates for this as yet.... Is this project dead? Seriously, I stayed on the older version for some time, but due to some errors with the older version, I needed to upgrade. Please look into updating or clearly labeling the add-on as 'abandoned', 'discontinued' or whatever the status is.

joe said...

I just want to flag that Mozilla says "Updating to Thunderbird 78 is highly recommended to ensure you will receive security fixes, because no more fixes will be provided for Thunderbird 68 after September 2020". So at this point looks like one is stuck between security of 78 and the convenience of using add-ons like Clippings. AE Creations you might consider updating the advice here, not sure that "turn off updates" is sound anymore in light of its apparent EOL of TB68 five months ago.

luca69 said...



Joshua said...

I had to switch to Quicktext since Clippings isn't compatible with 78. It's pretty good but not quite as polished as Clippings. I'll gladly switch back when it's ready for 78!