10 March 2023

Monthly update: March 2023

Here is a short update on what's happening in March!

A minor release of Read Next is out with minor bug fixes and improvements.

I began work on the next version of Panic Button, and completed the first milestone where it was migrated to Manifest V3. The first alpha release is now available from GitHub; if you want to try it out, be aware that the XPI redistributable file isn't signed, so you'll need Firefox Developer Edition to install. There's more work planned for Panic Button 5.0, including a feature enhancement to restore the browser session if the "Close All Windows" option is set as the Panic Button action.

This month, I'll be starting work on the next version of Clippings. The initial work will involve improvements behind the scenes, including refactoring the background script and migrating to Manifest V3. As for a target release date, that has yet to be decided. I've usually timed the releases of new versions of Clippings to match the Firefox Extended Support Release version, but it's possible that I may skip this year's ESR. In the meantime, maintenance updates for the current release version will continue to be rolled out.

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