15 October 2023

Monthly update: October 2023

Work on Panic Button 5.0 is gradually winding down as it gets closer to being ready for public release. However, there is one lingering issue that is giving me pause.

With Panic Button being an MV3 extension, Firefox adds a little indicator below the toolbar button icon, as well as an extra menu item in the toolbar button context menu. It's supposedly meant to tell the user that there are permissions that needs approval -- but there actually aren't any. The context menu item doesn't seem to do anything, as there isn't a way to clear the checkmark.

The little indicator appearing below the Panic Button toolbar button icon.

The toolbar button context menu item that doesn't appear to do anything.

Apparently, there is a bug reported in Bugzilla about this, but there hasn't been any activity.

This is a rather poor user experience, and for this reason, I am hesitant on releasing Panic Button 5.0 until this is resolved. I may consider releasing a so-called "technical preview" release for those that are interested in trying out the latest and greatest.

In the meantime, a minor release of Read Next is planned for later this month, which will mainly be a maintenance update. I'm also looking ahead to start working on the next major version of Clippings for Thunderbird, beginning with converting the remaining legacy XUL overlay code to make it a full MailExtension.

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