02 August 2013

Disappearing Clippings data after upgrading to version 4.0

There have been a few reports from users that their clippings have disappeared after upgrading to version 4.0.

This problem is under investigation (bug 25520).  In the meantime, if you have experienced this problem, try doing the following:

Update - 3 August 2013 - The following steps should get your clippings back.  Follow them first before trying the other approaches below:
  1. In Firefox, enter "about:config" in the address bar.  In Thunderbird, invoke the preferences dialog (on Windows, Tools → Options; on Mac OS X, Thunderbird → Preferences; on Linux, Edit → Preferences), click Advanced, then click Config Editor.
  2. Search for the pref "extensions.aecreations.clippings.datasource.location"
  3. Change the value of that pref to your user home folder.  For example, this would be C:\Users\username on Windows 7, C:\Documents and Settings\username on Windows XP, ~\username on Linux and Mac OS X.
  4. Exit and restart Firefox or Thunderbird

 The original suggested steps for recovery are below.  Try them if the above steps don't work:
  • Open Clippings Manager, select Tools → Restore and choose the most recent date/time that appears in the menu.
  • If that doesn't work, select Tools → Import, browse to the Clippings backup folder (e.g. for users on Windows 7 this would be C:\Users\username\.clipbak; on Linux and Mac OS X, it would be ~/username/.clipbak), and then choose the most recent backup file


Unknown said...

didn't work for me :-(

AE Creations said...

What OS are you using? Can you try navigating to your home directory and checking to see if the file "clipdat2.rdf" is present?

You should also look for the Clippings backup folder, named ".clipbak", and try importing the most recently-dated backup file.

Unknown said...

The first method worked for me - thanks!

However, just a note, for the benefit of other users who may read this, regarding where the data is stored:

I use Portable Firefox and, for safety, I simply make a back up of the whole Firefox folder (and all my other portable programs and data) at regular intervals.

But I hadn't realised that the clippings data is stored outside the Firefox folder by default and wondered why I hadn't been able to access it when I use my Firefox on other computers!

Now I see that you can change the location in the add-on's "options" dialog so that the data is stored within the Firefox folder. I'm happy to have found that.

BTW, I love "Clippings" - it makes online life a lot easier for me and it's very well designed.

Unknown said...

Didn't work for me either, unfortunately. Am using Windows 7.I've located the clipbak folder but don't see any Import option. But then again, am no pro at this :D

Anonymous said...

Files not opening on Windows 7. I have located the clipbak and clipdat2 folders, and have tried the restore and import functions. In both cases, an error message appears not allowing the files to open.

AE Creations said...

@Sergui: Invoke the import from Clippings Manager. First, open Clippings Manager (right-click on the Clippings icon in the Add-ons Bar and choose Organize Clippings), then select Tools -> Import from the Clippings Manager toolbar.

@Jane: Can you please provide the exact wording of the error message that you are seeing?

duniel said...

Awsome. Windows 7 solution did work for me.

Unknown said...

Hi Alex, I don't have the option to organize clippings if I right-click the Clippings icon in the Add-ons bar. However, I can choose Options which pops up the Clipping Options window. Here, under Clippings Manager again I have no option to organize them. I can go to Data Source though and browse for a location ( do I choose the clipbak. file here? )then I restarted FF but this didn't work either. It's Win 7 Professional btw.

LoriHC said...

The first solution worked on my work machine, but not on my home iMac. The Tools > Import method worked, but the file I needed was not in a file or folder with the .clipbak extension (it was something like clipdata.rdf).