03 August 2013

New Clippings release coming

The fix for the problem where clippings were disappearing after upgrading to version 4.0 requires that a new version of Clippings to be released.  Due to the Mozilla Add-ons review process that is required for all extension releases, I anticipate that it will be approximately 1-2 weeks before Clippings 4.0.1 is available for download.

Due to the serious nature of this issue, version 4.0 of Clippings has been withdrawn.  New users can continue to install version 3.2.  Current users wanting to upgrade will have to wait until version 4.0.1 is released.

What if I have already upgraded?

If you have already upgraded and have noticed that your clippings have disappeared, please click here to see the blog post for instructions on how to get them back.

1 comment:

Shanktified! said...

I recently went from Firefox to Chrome. Any chance on making your Clippings for Chrome?