08 June 2023

Monthly update: June 2023

Here's an update on what's happening in June!

Read Next 1.1 beta 1 is released for testing. Check out the blog post for details on what's new. There is additional work to do, so check back here soon for an announcement on a second beta release.

I've made progress on the upcoming new versions of Clippings and Clippings for Thunderbird. I have learned that there are changes coming to the next stable release of Thunderbird which will break backward compatibility with Thunderbird 102 and older. I will make every effort to have the update for Clippings for Thunderbird released in time for Thunderbird 115.

I'm also going to return to Panic Button and continue working on this Manifest V3 extension, though how much I can get done on it this month will depend on the workload for the other extensions.

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