11 September 2023

Monthly update: September 2023

With summer winding down, I am getting back into my projects. For Panic Button 5.0, I'm adding a few more improvements to user interaction in the extension preferences page, the Change Icon popup window and the Restore Session page (the password prompt that appears when restoring the browser session after clicking the Panic Button to hide all browser windows). These enhancements will improve the user experience, especially for those who prefer to navigate through the UI using the keyboard, and bring it one step closer to making it feel more like a native application. If these changes are successful and are well received, I plan on bringing these enhancements to other AE Creations extensions.

The first beta release of Panic Button 5.0 should be expected very soon; keep an eye on this blog if you're interested in getting your hands on it and testing it out!

Minor updates to Clippings and Clippings for Thunderbird have just been released. I am still interested in having the Portuguese (Brazil) localization updated; if you would like to help out, head over to the Crowdin project page.

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