13 November 2023

Monthly update: November 2023

November is going to be a busy month, as I'll be balancing the time I'm dedicating to AE Creations extensions with commitments relating to my day job, as well as preparation for an upcoming trip.

There is still no fix from Mozilla, the makers of the Firefox web browser, for an issue that is preventing me from releasing Panic Button 5.0, as mentioned in last month's update. I'll be releasing a Preview Release of this Firefox extension later this month; it'll be almost like a Release Candidate build -- the difference being that it may be subject to additional fixes and improvements. More details will be posted here when the Preview Release build is released.

Also look for a minor release of Read Next, which adds support for Ukrainian. Localizations in other languages are always welcome, and will be added in future releases.

I'm starting research into converting Clippings for Thunderbird into a full MailExtension. Currently, this Thunderbird extension is a hybrid of new MailExtension and legacy XUL overlay components (the latter found in the integration with the main three-pane window and the message compose window), and this has caused compatibility challenges with different versions of Thunderbird. Some users have also been scared off by the prompt that appears during installation, informing them that it requires unrestricted permissions to the system. Converting this extension to a pure MailExtension will alleviate these problems, but it's unknown if the MailExtension APIs will support all the capabilities of the legacy APIs, and this is what my research aims to find out.

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