13 March 2024

Updates to AE Creations extensions for Firefox 124

Firefox version 124, which is planned for release on Tuesday, March 19th, changes the appearance of some user interface elements in the extension preferences page and other extension pages, dialogs and windows. This change will affect all Firefox extensions by AE Creations.

The UI appearance changes are unexpected and unwelcome, and a minor update for Clippings, Panic Button and Read Next is needed to revert them. The plan is to get them out a few days in advance to give all users time to update before Firefox 124 is released. The release timing for Clippings will be a bit tricky due to it requiring review by a Firefox Add-ons editor, since it is a Recommended Extension.

Make sure to turn on automatic extension updates in Add-ons Manager, and watch this blog for release announcements.

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