06 March 2024

Monthly update: March 2024

I'm making progress on migrating the remaining legacy XUL-based user interface code in Clippings for Thunderbird to the MailExtensions API. There's still one feature remaining to migrate, as well as removal of remaining code that uses legacy APIs.

I recently released a minor update to Clippings 6.5.2 to fix an issue that caused it to stop working when pasting a clipping into the message composer in X, the website previously known as Twitter. A new update for Clippings will be released soon, at around the same time as the next release of Firefox, to make some minor updates and improvements before I begin migrating Clippings to Manifest V3 (MV3).

The preview release of Panic Button 5.0 has been out for a while, and there have been no new issues reported. It's time to make it official -- a release candidate will be out soon, so watch this blog for the release announcement. Updates to localizations for Panic Button are still very much welcome; if you would like to help, consider contributing a translation in CrowdIn.

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